Pistoia’s Districts

”Giostra dell’Orso” is disputed between 4 Quarters,which,in the Middle Age, represented  the ancient  away  little municipalities, so called because they were located outside the city gates. Each  little municipalities  had its own ”People’s Company” which was tasked with protecting people’s rights . Here the four Quarters of Pistoia


 Cervo bianco is the ancient  Porta Lucensis’ Quarter, the actual  ”Porta Lucchese”. The colors that distinguish it are white and green. 

The suburban community of  Porta Lucchese was the  center of  the  manifacturing activity of the city. The most importan manifacturing industry was , of course, the brick one; the so called  ” Furnace”. The presence of this industry  gave the name of  ”Furnaces” (Fornaci) to a borough in the Community. 



 Leon d’oro is the ancient Porta Guidonis’ Quarter, the actual Porta san Marco. The colors that distinguish it are gold and red.

Bordering  with  Porta al Borgo and  Porta Carratica, its territory went all the way to Badia a Taona  in the  montainous area and to Montale in the flat area. 




 Grifone is the ancient  Porta S. Andrea’s Quarter, now Porta al Borgo. The colors which distinguish it are white and red 

The Porta al Borgo’s Community was the greatest of the four curtains . A feature of the Community ,which influenced the local  productivity, was the presence of countless small streams . They were built artificially ,through which water from Ombrone and from Brana , was expertly  distributed  fot the entire Community. Porta al Borgo was and is still the ”industrial area” of the City.


 Drago is the ancient  Porta Caldatica or Gaiardatica’s Quarter ,the actual  Porta Carratica or Porta Fiorentina. The colors that distinguish it are red and green .

That  Porta was also called  “ Porta Carratica’s  Curtain ”and was , thanks to the flat configuration of its territory  , the Community where agriculture had a predominant role in the economy of the City.