Silver Altar of Saint Jacopo


Inside the Cathedral of Pistoia is guarded a silvery altar ,dedicated to the Apostle Giacomo di Zebedeo ( in tuscan Iacopo),protector of  Compostela’s pilgrimage and, in Italy, he is the patron of Pistoia since XII century.

The monumental furniture ,that five generations of goldsmiths have worked on since 1287,in addition to being a distinguished evidence of gothic and renaissance  jewelry it’s a very important work for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

In the beginning the altar protected  one relic of the Apostle’s body,come to Pistoia thanks to the Bishop Atto.

In the middle of  the frontal altar appears the massive well-rounded sculpture of the Apostle Giacomo seated on his throne, as pilgrimage’s patron and Pistoia’s protector, artwork of gothic jewelry realised by Giglio Pisano after the plague of 1348